Algonquin West ATV ClubAlgonquin West ATV Club

About us


We are the Algonquin West ATV Club, located on the west side of Algonquin Park, from the north end of Muskoka, north of Huntsville, to well north and east of South River.  We only use roads to connect where we must, and nearly all of those are dirt back roads.  Over 80% of our trails are actual trails, deep in the bush, mainly on Crown land.  We believe this is the highest percentage in Ontario!  Our club is run by a team of committed volunteer directors, supported by many active members who regularly turn out to help us maintain the trails, conduct events, and complete the plethora of things required to manage a serious ATV club properly.  We appreciate you all, thank you!

Membership benefits

Access to Algonquin West ATV club's over 450k of premium trails

Access to Haliburton ATV club's over 1700k of top quality trails-

Access to KATVA's (Kawartha) trail system-

Free HATVA map book and free AWATV map

Free club rides with on trail BBQ lunches- //

Many other benefits as well, too many to list here!