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We are the Algonquin West ATV Club! 

The Algonquin West ATV Club was formed by a group of avid ATVers and business owners in the Almaguin area who wanted to see an organized trail system be developed.  This group of Ladies and Gentlemen got together and proceeded to ask executive from both ATV Ontario and OFATV to give presentations on which way was the best way to go. The Algonquin West ATV Club decided to go with ATV Ontario.  In doing this we became an associate club to the Haliburton ATV Association. This allowed us to not only develop our own trail system, but with their knowledge when it came to going to townships and the MNR it helped us to establish ourselves as a positive fixture in our local communities.  We first organized in February 2007, and since then have gps'd over 200kms of trails, signed 90% of these and are still signing them.  We have produced a full colour map with over 40 advertisers and next year more trails will be added to this.  We are expanding at a steady pace and have been bringing on more members and volunteers in the last year.

As an associate club to Haliburton it allows you to not only ride all of our trails, but also all of theirs. This gives us a total area of over 3200kms of mapped, insured and signed trails.

Our goal is to produce a system in our area to cover from South River to Haliburton and at this time we have a link.  The main purpose of The Algonquin West ATV Club is to give atvers a safe, organized place to ride and bring tourism into our area.  We look forward to seeing you out on the trails.

 Update December 2011

 2011 has been an excellent year.  We have watched our membership grow, and our rallies and monthly rides have been very well attended.  Local businesses are offering help, and donating to the club as they realize the economic benefits it brings to the area.

On the trail maintenance front, the club has spent a great deal of money and volunteer time on the trails this year.  We have had excavators on the trail smoothing out the rough areas, and moving those jaw jarring boulders off the trail.  We have added ramps and passageways to make things safer for you, the ATV enthusiast, and better for the environment.  The club also donated $2500 to the Almaguin district snowmobile district snowmobile club to repair large washouts and water damage on shared trail 36.  All the money spent on the trails is raised by the club through your support as members and through our rallies.  

The club is working closely with The Park to Park trail association, and we have reached a tenative agreement that will allow our members to access to their trails.  This will allow members to ride all the way to Parry Sound.  The official announcement should come early in the new year.  We are also working on a proposal to present to Huntsville Town Council to get the roads in Huntsville open.  The club is also working with some private landowners to that are interested in us developing trails on their land.  We look forward to this becoming a reality during the 2012 season.   In addition this year we completed our new trail map in full colour, and is now available.  This map will cover the 2012 season.

As successful as our year has been, there still lies a great deal of work ahead.  We are looking at opening about 40 km of trails to our network that will require brushing and signing.  These trails are old existing trails that have grown over and been forgotten.  We need to get organized on the side x side and two up ATV road restrictions, and work toward getting the Provincial government to recognize these vehicles and allow them on the road, as Quebec, and many other jurisdictions have done some time ago.  There is still a great deal of work to needed on our existing trails.  All of this comes from volunteers and membership.

A big thank you to our existing club executive, without them, none of this would be possible! 

 In closing, please give some thought to getting involved.  The club needs your help, even if it is just for a few hours, a contact you have that can help out, or you want to get involved as a director to guide the club.

 We need YOU!!  See you on the trails!! 

Brent Stapleton, President 


Update August 2009

The club is now over 2 years old and in that time have come a long way. We have built a system with over 250kms of trails. This has been all signed and a full colour map has been produced. With the map we have gained the respect and acceptance of over 40 advertisers who support us. The local townships have come on board, the local OPP detachment and this helps us promote the tourism end of things. Our membership has tripled in the last year and is still growing at a steady pace. The club has had 2 successful Fall Rally's and 1 successful Spring Poker Run. We are getting ready for the 3rd annual "Coolest" Rally and it is looking to be another success.

With every dollar the club raises we put it back into the trails, whether it be for signage, insurance, purchasing equipment to help us maintain trails or for producing that full colour map.

As a non-profit organization some of the money raised also goes back into the community. We try and support local groups, donate to benefits and this years fall rally proceeds will go to the Huntsville Hospital.













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