Our maps are now online for you to inspect and plan your trip with!Make sure and note the high percentage of actual trail, not road, and the few roads we do use to connect are dirt roads with little traffic.� Ride safe and enjoy the bush!

Hot tip! We have many areas deep in the bush that have no cell service, go to our map page BEFORE you go, (hit map, or above) load the map in Acrobat or Jpeg, and SAVE to your phone, then it is available anytime!� Voila!

PDF version here, slower download, higher quality- front-http://algonquinwestatv.com/media/AWATV_Front_downsizedPDF.pdf

PDF version of back of map here- http://algonquinwestatv.com/media/AWATV_Back2PDF.pdf

Pic links to much larger jpeg map!

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Kearney Area




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