Ontario Ministry of Transportation ATV Regulations Link here-  http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/pubs/atv/

To ride Algonquin West ATV Club trails you need:

  •  A valid Algonquin West ATV Club permit, or a valid ATV Ontario permit, Park to Park trail pass, Haliburton or Kawartha ATV Club permits.  Nothing else is valid.
  •  Our trails are open from May 1 to November 30th, please respect this, and take extra care not to harm the environment, particularly in extra wet conditions.
  •  License plates and valid insurance
  •  ATV's must meet all highway traffic act definitions
  •  ATV's must meet acceptable noise levels, please, expansion chambers and straight pipes harm us all!
  •  Speed limit 50kmpH or less on any road, 20 kmpH where signed speed limit is under 50 kmH on any road, always ride with caution and with respect to conditions
  •  Stay ON the trail
  •  Helmets while riding are mandatory
  •  Leave only tracks, take only pictures-unless of course you want to haul out some trash, etc. that was already there, we do that all the time!  Every bit helps!
  •  Respect all other users of the trail
  •  Drugs and alcohol don't mix and cause accidents

A great thing about Algonquin West ATV club trails:

There is one local rule to know when riding our area roads, and that one is obvious:  Stay off Highway 11, it is a 4 lane, divided highway, take the ATV / Snowmobile tunnel under it on the Seguin trail, or use any of the other various bridges or underpasses to cross Highway 11 only.  All other roads, everywhere in our entire cachement area, towns, etc. are all wide open to ATV traffic until you come to the very south end of our system at the northernmost part of Huntsville, where the roads are closed to ATV traffic at this time, but we are working on that.  This is a luxury that practically NO other Ontario clubs enjoy, and we need all of you to respect this!

*****Riding on the roads is a privelidge, not a right, granted by our various communities, not the MTO, and can be taken away by bad riding behavior.  Always ride our roads with the utmost respect, slow down, obey all traffic laws, and use hand signals!*****