Algonquin West ATV Club

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 10th, 2021

Zoom Conference Call

Present: Bob Hyde, Kevin Ryan, Ciara Ryan, Jerry Scott, Bob Harrison, Fraser Bull, Susan Fetterley, Richard Zdriluk, Kevin Nichol, and Bill Bird

Welcome: 7:10 PM Approval of Previous Minutes: Motion to accept; Bob H. and seconded by Jerry S.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes: AWATV has not had enough time to make a decision regarding OFATV discussions from the last meeting (see previous minutes). Kevin R. would like to have in person meeting to discuss when possible, as it is a big decision. Each board member should think it over. Motion to accept postponing decision for at least a month; Kevin N. and seconded by Fraser B. Trails: AWATV Board Members went out last Saturday to work on the trails. • Kyle R. and Kevin R. worked on trails; 16, 27, 29, 31, across 44, 30, but was not able to do 32 between 44 North and South. The top end of 30 has beaver dams on edge of road roughly 3 feet high (nothing we can do but wanted to bring it up for awareness). Kevin R. has bike at the shop and is hoping to get it finished this upcoming week. • Kevin N. cleaned roughly 100 trees, and completed trail 42. Trail 44 is poor condition and needs some work, but will leave for now just before the loop. • Kevin R. and Bob H. are going to be looking at what trails need more heavy work with machinery, and then we can take a look at the budget. • Fraser B. would like better communications for discussions of trail work as he wanted to take part of the cleanup that happened the Saturday after the meeting, there was an email that went out but maybe we could have more follow ups to ensure all directors were aware. Website: Susan F. has not noticed any issues with payments (double payments) lately, but still has issues with missing invoice information. Susan F. will be emailing Kevin N. an example of the problem so we can take next steps for fixing issues. Kevin N. suggests a Saturday in the near future we could take inventory of our merchandise (Clothing; t-shirts, hoodies and more) and then we could post them on the website for sale (postpone until we have someone with time to volunteer to handle shipping and handling of products, need to consider shipping costs for products). Kevin N. will be following up with people he knows that worked with Puralotor to get more details on pricing. Other Business: • AWATV will be moving forward with Explores Edge’s Voucher program once it re-opens after lockdowns. • Staycation in Almaguin: Ciara will send out proposal; AWATV cannot legally giveaway passes, directors will continue discussions and think about about different options to contribute or participate. Adjournment: 7:47 PM: Motion to accept; Kevin N. and seconded by Kevin R.