Monday, October 18, 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Algonquin West ATV Club

Location: Novar, Ontario
Present: Kevin Ryan, Ciara Ryan, Brent Stickland, Terry English, Susan Fetterley,

Fraser Bull, Kevin Nichol, and Guest Web Developer: Perry Vonk.
1. Welcome: 7:00 PM
2. Approval of Agenda: Motion to accept; Richard, Seconded by; Brent S. 3. Approval of Previous Minutes: Approved by Brandon S.
4. Business Arising from Previous Minutes: N/A
5. Membership Report: 313, 144 Individuals, and 58 Family passes.
6. Financials: Motion to accept; Brandon, Seconded by; Terry
7. Trails:

• Was a large print-out package regarding our trails and the Snowmobile Club to review from Brent Stapleton (not in attendance). The following is discussions from the from the handout:

a. Trail 29: Deferral until more clarification on funding and collaborative costs. Discussions were made if we would do 50% of the funding, but would like more information, before making a motion. if a decision is needed before the next meeting, we can discuss through email.

b. Trail 32: Will split cost of converts for 50% up to $5,500. Motion to accept; Brandon, Seconded by;Terry. only with proof of installation

8. Website:

• Large discussion on what our site currently has, will need and any other details.

• The new site will have to have: membership purchasing, membership auto- reminders, interactive online map and PDF download, and easy accounting/tracking.

• Must ensure the new website is simple, functional and easy to read.

• Perry whom is working on the site suggests board members think about what they would like on the site and he can make it happen.

*No motions made just discussions*
9. Other Business: N/A
10. Adjournment: 9:00 PM: Motion to accept; Ciara, Seconded by; Richard