Algonquin West ATV Club

Meeting Minutes

Monday, April 17th, 2023 @ 7:00pm Novar Community Centre

Attendance: Kevin Ryan, Amanda Traves, Brent Rudachyk, Bob Harrison, Kyle Ryan, Brent Stickland, Richard Zdriluk, Brent Stapleton, Fraser Bull, William Bird, Garry Fraser Regrets: Donna Westrop

Guests: Brenda Cameron, Frank Cecconei, Mike Bukowski

  1. Welcome: 7:06pm
  2. Approval of Agenda: Motioned to Approve by Brent Stapleton and 2nd by Kyle Ryan. All in favor
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes: Motioned to Approve by Brent Stapleton, 2nd by Bob Harrison. All in favor
  4. Business arising from Previous Minutes: Brent Stapleton has reached out to Bill Park at Park to Park but has not heard back yet. Laptop was purchased.
    Susan reached out to Carolyn Richards – KATVA for bylaw information but has not heard back
  5. Financials: NotAvailableatthistime
  6. Membership: NotAvailable–Packagesarebeingmailednextweek
  7. Spring Rally: Rally Sold Out! Prizes are being collected for the Raffle. Brent Rudachyk to check into heaters, Brent Stickland to get propane.
    • Wednesday, April 19th – Bob and Richard to move picnic tables from legion to Edgewater.
    • Saturday, April 22nd -Meet at Edgewater Park Lodge @ 9am to go out and check trails
    • Thursday, April 27th @ 9am – Bob, Fraser and Brent Stapleton to go out and put arrows up
    • Thursday, April 27th @ 6pm – Everyone to meet at Edgewater Park Lodge to Put up tent and load canteen trailer
    • Friday- April 28th – Outhouses being delivered – Contact Fraser
      • Bill – To put up Signs
      • Bob to check for Vests
      • Saturday — Bill and Fraser on trails taking pictures
        • Dorothy and Crew doing Canteen
        • Kevin Ryan and Brent Rudachyk doing Poker Hands
        • Ken And Amber to sweep
        • Terry and Ken on trail
        • All Hands at tent in morning to help
      • Radios – 1 at Canteen, 1 on trail, Handheld at Edgewater
  1. Other Business:
    Club Rides – Will discuss at next meeting – planning Monthly rides May-August – 1 Wednesday ride and 1 Saturday Ride per month. 2 Directors per ride.
    Trail Clean Up – Saturday, May 13th – Meet at the legion – ready to leave at 9am.
  2. Adjournment: Brent Stapleton Motioned to Adjourn 7:50pm, 2nd by Kyle Ryan. All in favor.Next Meeting on Monday. May 8th at 7pm at the Novar Community Centre