Algonquin West ATV ClubAlgonquin West ATV Club

Our maps are now online!

This is just a portion of our high quality detailed maps available for you to use to plan, and execute your trip!

Hot tip! We have many areas deep in the bush that have spotty cell service, go to our map page BEFORE you go, (hit map, or link above) load the map in Acrobat or Jpeg, and SAVE to your phone, then it is available anytime!� Voila!

Please report trail issues!

If you encounter a problem we should know about, tell us! Any safety related issue, down trees, anything, email us @ or call us and let us know all possible details at 705-999-7262.

Thank you to all our volunteers!

A big thank you to all the volunteers that turn out regularly to help us clear fallen trees, haul out trash, conduct our events and generally do all the dirty work required to help our club function properly.

Our maps are now online for you to inspect and plan your trip with!

Make sure and note the high percentage of actual trail, not road, and the few roads we do use to connect are dirt roads with little traffic.  Ride safe and enjoy the bush!

Click the PDF Below to Download Map! - Revision 2020!