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Crown land is free to ride but clubs like Algonquin West ATV Club still have to work and pay to insure and maintain those trails so that the MNRF doesn't close those areas down. Many areas that riders assume are all crown land actually aren't. The crown has sold off many large parcels of land over the years and the private land is mixed in with the crown land, therefore the clubs have signed land use agreements with the landowners. The MNRF is also starting to work with municipalities to sign over use of crown land areas so that they can be better managed as user pay parks. Times have changed and that's why the clubs in the province are trying to get ahead of this and be proactive managing these areas. Otherwise motorized users will start to lose access to premiere riding areas. Again, nothing is free anymore. This isn't a unique situation to Algonquin West ATV Club.

Any club who has trails on crown land faces the same challenges and responsibilities no matter how far north they are. 

There are many exsamples of Clubs losing trails as a direct result of riders assuming that the area is crown land. The landowner had a problem with people going off the trail into his private property or  hunting camp. The resolute most of the time is the trail is closed off completely. If you want to continue to have access to the best trails in the province, support your local clubs.


Next Executive Meeting is July 8th at 7 pm

at the

Emsdale Community Centre.



 Rally Winners


Poker Hand Winners

Best Hand with th Full House  - Darlene Fraser

2nd Place with a Flush in Diamonds - Kathie Snellgrove

3rd Place with a Flush in Diamonds - Glenn Reid

Prize Winners

$100 Gift Card - Loretta Smart

 Donated by Northland Recreation

Chain Saw - John Mesdag

 Donated by Ron Earl Excavating

LED Lights / Switch - Chad Hnter

 Donated by Muskoka Rentals

Leaf Blower - John Amadio

 Donated by Coldwell Banker

Weed Eater - Gary McNamara

 Donated by Preston Equipment

Travel Emergensy Kit - Chad Hunter

 Donated by Full Throttle

Power Station / Battery Starter - Jen Rankin

 Donated by Ideal Supply

Orange Bag - Jenna Branch

 Donated by Jerry Scott

Table Top BBQ - Brodie Baumhour

 Donated by Bullock's Independent Grocers

Genterator- Mark Duneau

 Donated by Rickwards Small Motor

 50 / 50 DRAW - Bob Brooks



Donated by

Fetterley's Garage


Reynolds Excavating

 Canteen Food

Donated by

Moose Delansey's




Saturday, June 22nd

Wednesday, July 10th

Saturday, July 27th

Wednesday, August 7th

Saturday, Aug 24th

Wednesday, Sept 4th

Saturday, Sept 7th


 All rides will depart at 9 am sharp from the ball diamonds near the legion.


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 Permits are sold at the following locations:

        Burks Falls: Lakeside Cottage Resort

        Kearney:     Fetterley’s Garage, Rickward Small Motors,

                           Edgewater Park Lodge,       

       Katrine:       Day Spring Cottages

       Huntsville:  Lagoon Tent and Trailer, Mobile Marineand

                          Muskoka Rent All

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