Algonquin West ATV Club

Meeting Minutes
Monday, April 8th, 2023 @ 7:00pm
Emsdale Community Centre

Attendance: Kevin Ryan, Kyle Ryan, Bill Bird, Bob Harrison, Amanda Traves, Garry Fraser, Susan Fetterley,
Richard Zdriluk Guests: Terry English, Ed Sibbick, Dave Strickler, Scott Purdy

Regrets: Donna Westrop, Brent Stickland, Brent Rudachuk, Fraser Bull, Brent Stapleton

1. Welcome: Bob opened meeting at 7:09pm

2. Approval of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda by Bill Bird and seconded by Kyle Ryan. All in favor

3. Approval of Previous Minutes: Minutes approved by Amanda Traves and seconded by Bob Harrison. All in favor

4. Business arising from Previous Minutes:

  • Brent Rudachyk advised to get heaters closer as he was getting from North Bay
  • Kevin will make arrangements for heaters
  • Tent is booked
  • Kevin will call Carolyn about Bylaws
  • Map is in process, waiting on two ads before going to print

5. Financials: Attached. Approved by Bill Bird and 2nd by Garry Fraser. All in Favor.

6. Membership: Not Available

7. Map: Waiting on two ads before going to print – 45 Ads sold

8. Spring Poker Run: Kyle to take trailer to canteen.

  • Brent Rudachuk will help Kevin Ryan with the Poker hands
  • Saturday 20th, meet at Edgewater at 9am for trail Maintenance – Try to bring a friend
  • Thursday 25th, Brent, Fraser and Garry to meet at Edgewater to do the route and install arrows
  • Everyone at Edgewater at 6pm to put tent up and go over last minute details
  • Richard to grab signs to put up Saturday morning
  • Garry will pick up heater
  • Saturday 27th – Parking is in field on Buckley’s Rd on Left hand side. Bob, Garry and Fraser to help with Parking
  • Poker Ride is sold out
  • Susan and Amanda and volunteers to do Registration
  • Fraser and Terry to do pictures
  • Fraser and friends to do sweep
  • Terry to ride AWATV Club Ranger and take picturesv
  • Brent checking into Radios
  • Bob, Garry and Richard will get together and put picnic tables together

9. AGM: Sunday, April 21st @ 10am @ Emsdale Community Center in room 2

10. Club Rides:

  • Sat, May 25th– Garry/ NEED SOMEONE TO HELP!!
  • Wed, June 12th – Garry/Bill
  • Sat, June 22nd – Kevin/Kyle
  • Wed, July 10th – Bob/Richard
  • Sat, July 20th
  • Wed, Aug 14th
  • Sat, Aug 24th

11. Bylaws: Kevin will call Carolyn

12. Other Business: New Campground in South River on Brennan’s Hill Rd with 40 Campsites interested in getting involved

  • Rickward’s Small Motors is donating a generator for Raffle as well as gift cards
  • Rickward’s are also donating a Polaris 70cc ATV to the ATV Club for the Fall Rally.
  • With the help of the Kearney Legion we will start selling tickets at the Spring Rally and raffle off at the Fall Rally.

13. Adjournment: Kevin Ryan motioned to adjourn at 8:09pm, seconded by Amanda Traves