Algonquin West ATV Club

Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 28th, 2023 @ 7:00pm Novar Community Centre
Attendance: Kevin Ryan, Bob Harrison, Brent Stapleton, Garry Fraser, Susan Fetterley, Fraser Bull, Amanda Traves, Bill Bird
Regrets: Donna Westrop, Brent Stickland, Brent Rudachyk, Richard Zdriluk, Kyle Ryan
  1. Welcome: 7:03pm
  2. Approval of Agenda: Motioned to Approve by Bill Bird and 2nd by Garry Fraser. All in favor
  3. Approval of Previous Minutes: Motioned to Approve by Brent Stapleton, 2nd by Fraser Bull. All in favor
  4. Business arising from Previous Minutes:
    • Bob Harrison heard from Edgewater about picnic tables, price is $360 each plus taxes plus delivery. Fraser Bull Motioned to match Edgewater’s purchase of picnic tables with a maximum of 10 tables. Seconded by Bill Bird. All In Favour.
    • Kevin Ryan has not heard from Brent Rudachyk regarding logging in our area as of yet. Brent Stapleton was unable to contact Fisher Logging.
    • Still No updates on the Kalio Rd trail
    • Mark Reynolds has filled in the hole and beyond off Hwy 518 E on trail 27. He will have trail 18 and 20 completed before the Fall Rally
  5. Financials: Approved by Bob Harrison and 2nd by Fraser Bull. All in favor
  6. Membership: 56familymembers(154ATVs)and171Individuals
  7. Trails:
    • There is a hole on Trail 27 just off Rain Lake Rd on the North side. Bob to Contact the Town to see if they are able to fill in.
    • Trail off Stoegers Rd meets up with trail 27. Is this an ATV Trail?
    • Signs are needed along Rain Lake Rd. Signs are missing and damaged due to Brushing currently being done along Road. One 911 sign needs to be repaired. Intersection signs are missing.
    • Polaris Ride Command is showing our trails as being closed. Fraser Bull to contact Ride Command.
  8. Fall Rally:
    • Brent has taken the 10’ x 10’ and the 10’ x20” tents to ‘The 4 Thurs Upholstery’ for repairs after being chewed by mice. AWATV Club was not charged for the repairs and was done as a donation to the Club. Thank You Julie Thur.
    • There is one plastic hinge piece missing off the one tent which Brent will order *Canteen meat has been purchased from DJ’s. Only need to purchase Buns and Contiments
    • On Sunday, September 17th a crew to go around the Rally trail and clean up and clear back brush on Trail 30 for vehicles to get to the Canteen. Fraser, Garry, Bob and Bill to meet at the Legion @ 9am
    • Kevin to call Richard for outhouse for the Canteen.
    • Thursday 21st – to put orange arrows and Signs on trails – Bob, Fraser, Kevin and Garry available
    • Friday pack canteen trailer
    • Friday night ride – 7pm @ the Legion – Kevin and Brent Stapleton to do ride- Bob Harrison to do bonfire and Hot Chocolate
    • Amanda to do Membership Table
    • Clothing has been ordered
    • Cooler Bags in bin for Give Aways
    • Help needed after Rally to empty Canteen Trailer
    • Kevin to contact Brent Rudachyk for Hand Held Radio
    • Raffle Prizes needed
  9. Website: Perry to send out E-mail to members today, and have registration on the website for September 5th.
  10. Other Business:
    • Brent has been in contact with Josianne to set up map for 2024/2025. Advertising selling will start in October. Business Card size ad $100 plus taxes. Double size Ad $200 plus taxes.
    • Kearney Dog Sled Race Committee is looking for sponsors for the 2024 Races. Susan will sent out the Sponsorship Package for everyone to review, for discussion at the October Meeting.
    • Bylaws will be discussed at Octobers meeting
  11. Adjournment: Meeting Adjourned @ 8:14pm – Next meeting will be Monday, September 18th at 7pm at the Novar Community Center.